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Bio-P pulls flush on odorous washroom smells

* Bio-P.jpgBio-Productions is pulling the flush on bad odours in public washrooms thanks to its pioneering Bio-P technology. The Sussex manufacturer has waged war on smelly bathrooms with its flagship devices, which effectively destroy odours, clean pipes and conserve water at the same time.

The Bio-P works by combining the company's renowned Biological Urinal Block products with an easy-to-fit cap that attaches to most urinals with no installation cost. 

Made with a special concoction of bacteria and enzymes, the Blocks attack the calcium, urine crystals, and other solids that cause costly blockages and bad smells over time.

Most impressively, the Bio-P can save companies up to 100,000 litres of water each year. The system requires just three flushes a day, which leaves the right amount of time for friendly bacteria to work its way through the plumbing.

The Bio-P revolution has been taking place behind-the-scenes for years and way back in 2007. The Biological Blocks were recognised with a gold trophy at the famed Green Apple Awards.

"We're proud that our Biological Bio-P is completely compatible with septic tanks, making it kinder for the environment," says Angela Gill, managing director of Bio-Productions. "We have clients who use them in schools as well as pubs, clubs, restaurants, and more. Men's toilets have a universally bad reputation for foul smells and poor cleanliness, but the Bio-P devices quite literally wipe the slate clean."

Developed in 2014 by former managing director Mike James, Bio-P has been much improved over time. In recent years, Bio-Productions has made improvements to the cap to maximise ease-of-use, aesthetics, and compatibility with different types of urinal.

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2nd August 2018

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