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Golden Line Green Care shares research into duct cleaning and indoor air pollution

* Golden-Line-Green-Care.jpgIndoor air quality is gaining more importance as air pollution becomes a global environmental issue and we learn more about the risks to our health, of living and working in a polluted environment.

Award-winning, Toronto, Canada-based cleaning company Golden Line Green Care has been carrying out research on duct cleaning and indoor air pollution and says that while, on average, people spend 90% of a day indoors, most don't acknowledge that indoor air pollution might be worse inside than outside. Yet research shows that indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoor air.

"Considering the fact that we breathe 3,400 gallons of air into our lungs in a day, duct cleaning becomes essential for our wellbeing," says the company.

"Over time dirt, dust, animal dander and pollen are dragged into our HVAC systems, creating a breeding territory for mould, bacteria, fungus and mildew. These contaminants circulate whenever the furnace is on.

"One in six allergy sufferers can directly bind their indications to fungi, bacteria and dust in HVAC systems and ductwork and poor indoor air quality means employees take more time off sick, which means lost production and higher medical bills."

Duct cleaning services can eliminate these contaminants to improve airflow efficiency, extend the life-span of an HVAC system, dave energy and money and improve home hygiene. Golden Line Green Care utilises cutting-edge camera technology in its duct cleaning services.

"We are very strict about using eco-friendly cleaning solutions for duct cleaning," it says. "We only work with experienced technicians to deliver the highest quality duct cleaning."


2nd August 2018

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