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Working together to improve recycling at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport

* Schipol-waste.jpgECMR - European Cleaning Machine Recycling - is undertaking a pilot project to improve recycling efforts at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, in close cooperation with Hijman Cleaning Materials.

The aim of this project is to reduce plastic waste by the recycling and reuse of cans and bottles made from HDPE, LDPE and other used plastic materials, which are used and discarded at the airport, to improve recycling rates in an economical way.

The two companies will work together to ensure that plastic products at the Airport are safely collected and stored, before being removed for further processing so the materials can be reused.

"If plastic does not separated from the rest of waste then it will be burned," says EMCR. "As a large part of plastic incineration is toxic, it is harmful to the environment. In addition, all plastics made from petroleum are not biodegradable.

"But the advantage is that plastic recycling is simple and good. However, we can only recycle and reuse plastic waste, when plastic is separated from the rest.

"All plastics should be recycled and reused for new purposes - especially by the cleaning industry; therefore we have combined our strength to make the return of used plastics happen, for all cleaning companies that wish to respect the environment.

"There should be no excuses if cleaning companies, facilities services providers and end users in the healthcare, hospitality and governmental bodies are to move forward when it comes to looking after the environment. We will provide them all the knowledge and support they need to be able to make a successful transition to stop further plastic incineration and to create for their operations a clean conscience that will benefit future generations."

www.ecmr.nu / www.hijman.nl

19th July 2018

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