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Cole & Wilson introduces Caretex professional laundry powders

* Caretex.jpgCole & Wilson has introduced a range of Caretex Professional Powders; premium products that can be used across all types of laundry for outlets preferring a powdered detergent.

The seven new powders - Detergent Plus, Detergent, Colour Detergent, Oxy Bleach, Starch, Antichlor and Chlorine Bleach, are available in 25Kg bags, which are made from recycled paper.

Cole & Wilson, part of the international Christeyns detergents and chemicals group, is a specialist in the development and supply of products for the cleaning of more delicate textiles, particularly in providing solutions for smaller laundry installations.

The popular professional laundry range, Caretex Pro, is now handled by Cole & Wilson alongside its Wet and Dry Cleaning ranges. Designed for use in small hard-working laundries, Caretex Pro provides outstanding levels of cleanliness and hygiene whilst also offering excellent value.

Like the original Caretex Pro range, each powder has a specific function and is effective with all water types. The powders can be used for premium shirt service cleaning, household laundry as well as workwear. The powders are kind to machines and can be used with other Caretex products.

Caretex Q is a high-quality detergent offering effective cleaning for general work and has high alkalinity with an excellent soil suspension capacity. Q can be boosted with Caretex Professional Oxy Bleach, S, a powder, and Caretex Emulsifier, to give great cleaning results on heavily soiled textiles.

Caretex Professional Detergent Plus, P, is a fully built detergent that is effective in hard or soft water areas and incorporates a fresh perfume, this can be used as a one-shot detergent. This product is perfect for a shirt cleaning service as it contains a safe bleaching agent and powerful grease and oil removing surfactants. For extra dirty laundry, the Caretex Pro emulsifier can be added to remove extra stubborn grease, for example with chefs wear.

For finishing, the Caretex Professional Starch powder, T, with long-lasting perfume can be added depending on the finish required. For non-whites, Caretex Professional Colour Detergent, R, is designed to effectively clean coloured items whilst maintaining brightness after washing.

"We are really excited to be able to offer this range of Caretex Professional Powders to our customers," comments Richard Cole of Cole & Wilson. "We have had great success with the Caretex Pro liquids but realised that some outlets prefer the powder option. We can now provide these launderers with the same effective cleaning results but in a method better suited to their needs

Caretex Professional meets todays' tough laundry demands by providing a range of powders that offer maximum cleaning power at lower temperatures and with increasingly complex fabrics.

The Cole & Wilson team will assist with matching chemicals to individual outlet needs, advising on product usage and also providing training on dosing and specialist treatments; their aim being to help customers find a winning combination of machinery, programming and chemicals, that will best suit their business and environmental goals.


5th July 2018

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