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Nanotera launches powerful plant-based surfactants for oil industry

Nanotera Group has introduced powerful, plant-based cleaning agents which it says perform at record times, to replace chemical and hazardous products currently used in the oil & gas industry.

Dedicated to protecting the environment, the company's scientists focus on producing 100% plant-based, environmentally friendly cleaning products that are readily biodegradable. The range of products match, or exceed the efficacy of traditional products which have a high impact on the companies' green footprint and the planet.

"The oil industry has been slowly going through a phase of transformation over the last decade pulling away from chemical-based cleaning products and increasingly calling for plant-based renewable products that work highly effectively without the potential to harm users and the environment," notes Saba Yussouf, director at Nanotera. "Pan-globally this is a topic that is high on every government's agenda. Eventually, it is expected that legislation will make this change compulsory in most countries."

The products can be successfully applied in enhanced oil recovery, tank cleaning, equipment maintenance, oil herding, oil/water separation and rig maintenance. They clean by reducing the surface tension of the oil. By weakening the polar attraction of oil to the surface, they allow it to be rinsed from the surface and captured. The surfactants safely break down organic contaminants, oil and water emulsions and remediate hydrocarbons without polluting the treated product. Tests show powerful results in minimal time scales.

The new products are economical and formulated to ensure employee health is protected whilst meeting all relevant government health specifications. They are concentrated, non-toxic, non-flammable, fully biodegradable products designed for today's industrial environments.


28th June 2018

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