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I've just returned from the first of my Summer festivals and am delighted to say that once again the need to recycle everything we could, was given great importance by the festival organisers, in as much as what we didn't recycle, we were forced to bring home with us.

My picture, taken at last year's Buddhafield (as I forgot to take a picture of the facilities at Colourfest) shows how it's done and to make things easier, this was just one of the recycling stations at the site. The receptacles were emptied regularly and the contents taken to a main station where they were checked and washed by volunteers, before being placed in biodegradable bags. The idea is that if you make it easy for people to recycle, they're more likely to do so.


I can't help thinking that if our local authorities were to make it more difficult for us to condemn our rubbish to landfill, more of us would make the effort to recycle everything possible.

Instead, many of the authorities making up the county of Surrey, where I live, are actually making it more difficult for us to recycle by reducing the hours that many of our local civic amenity tips are open; not opening them at all a couple of days a week and closing them so early during the week that those who go out to work can't take those of their recyclables that aren't covered by the weekly collection, to the dump during the week, so have to join long queues at the weekend. Some local councils - including mine - have reinstated weekly collections, which means that our waste bins never get full and thus provide an open invitation for us to bin things that should really be recycled.

I know there's a shortage of money in the budgets but if our councils spent more wisely and made things easier (rather than harder) for residents, a great deal more could be achieved...

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Jan Hobbs

7th June 2018

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