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TSC eliminates need to touch toilet seat underside

This motherly admonition has been heard by everyone - "Don't touch the toilet seat" - because it was issued every time a youngster went into the bathroom. Times are changing though... the TSC is a form-fitting, molded plastic cover or 'grip' that slips onto and over a segment of a toilet seat and provides the user a germ-free 'handle' for raising or lowering the seat, without touching it.

Easily portable, easy to use, and universally fitting any toilet seat, The TSC would be equally useful in the home, at work, or in any public washroom.

The TSC is fabricated in flexible, moulded thermoplastic as a one-piece unit, the top of which lies flush with the top of the toilet seat while the side extends down to clip onto the either side of the seat with a pair of tabs that release the clipping action when squeezed and allowing the removal from the seat. The user simply presses the TSC down onto and over a segment of the toilet seat until it clips in place and then uses the TSC as a handle or grip with which to raise or lower the seat. When finished it easily removes from the seat.

The device is perfect for home or office use and can be stored atop the toilet tank between uses. It is lightweight, compact and portable and works equally well when traveling or using any public washroom and is equipped with a carry-pouch. Maintenance requires nothing more than a periodic spray with a disinfectant and wipe down with a paper towel.

The TSC is Patent Pending and was invented by David Desmond of Hawthorne, CA who says:

"Clean fingers and clean hands result in a clean body and keeping free of germs and bacteria is the reason for this product and it works. The TSC eliminates the need to touch germ-infested toilet seat undersides and improves one's hygiene and safety whether at home, school, office, hospital or in a public restroom."

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7th June 2018

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