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Plan your visit to the Maximum! Come and see Greyland's colourful new Premier Range at the Manchester Cleaning Show!

* Greyland-Prem-Max-range.jpgStand E01 Event City, Manchester 11-12 April 2018

The new Premier Range of powerful and effective cleaning chemicals from Greyland has a palette that not only bursts with colour, but also packs a powerful cleaning punch!

The Premier Range includes Green-Maximum, a Biological Cleaner / Deodoriser for removing organic staining and to maintain a clean, odour free washroom;

Biological Urinal Blocks that incorporate strains of harmless bacterial cultures working together with environmentally sympathetic chemical to break down organic waste and uric scale that cause odours;

Cherry-Maximum Extraction Carpet Cleaner / Deodoriser that leaves behind a pleasant cherry fragrance;

Blu-Maximum Highly Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser that is dilutable up to 200 parts, specially formulated to dissolve and remove grease and grime;

Lemon-Maximum Floor Gel for hard floor surfaces, from households or hotels to the busiest commercial and retail outlets using hot or cold water;

Purple-Maximum the incredible 4-Way Toilet Descaler that cleans, descales, deodorises, and is also stainless steel safe.

Having invested heavily in new equipment over the past year Greyland has not only hugely increased capacity, but is also developing many more new products - some of which will join the new Premier Range in Manchester.

Be part of the rapidly expanding Greyland UK and international customer base and enjoy the fastest delivery times and best prices in the industry!

email: [email protected] web: www.greyland.co.uk

29th March 2018

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