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Winter is coming; be prepared with Sweepertec

* Winter-Sweepertec.jpgWith Winter just starting to take hold, now is the perfect time to assure your access-ways, yards and sites are clear and safe. Thankfully the Sweepertec forklift sweeper attachment is as perfectly suited for snow and leaves as it is everyday dirty debris!

A robust, high performance sweeping attachment for all interior and exterior sweeping needs, the unit comprises a broom that attaches quickly and easily to forklifts, tractors and telehandlers for fast and efficient floor cleaning in all industrial, recycling and agricultural environments.

The 16 rows of stiff bristles make short work of compacted mud, leaves and moss as the bristles flex to sweep into any holes and cracks in the surface to dislodge debris.

"Forklift ploughs struggle to clear undulating surfaces such as broken and uneven ground, or areas containing manhole covers due to the blade digging into the raised surface and damaging the blade and/or surface," says the manufacturer.

"The Sweepertec however, can be pressed into and dip to follow the surface with pressure from the forks, and simply brushes over and around any obstacle. From farm slurry to glasswork debris, customers have been succesfully sweeping in a myriad of situations with this machine.

"It can be used in both forward or reverse sweeping, to efficiently handle any debris from grain to snow. Even over cattle grids, drains and manhole covers the Sweepertec maintains shape and efficiency."

Available in two sizes: 120cm (47in) & 200cm (79in) Sweepertec accepts forks up to 145mm wide. Its non-marking HDPE wear edge enables the sweeper to brush debris close to walls.

Made in Britain from quality materials (some of them recycled), Sweepertec is highly durable having no moving parts to break, and is corrosion resistant due to its hot dip galvanised steel frame.

T: +44 (0)191 229 1666
W: www.sweepertec.com

23rd November 2017

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