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Our apologies if you have recived this edition of Cleanzine twice. Our server had a technical fault during broadcast and might not have displayed everything correctly or reached everyone so we have sent it out again.

If you're a user of social media you'll probably have come across speculation regarding a split between the RAI (which launched Interclean, Amsterdam, in 1967) and global cleaning industry association ISSA - which, before the launch of the ISSA/Interclean brand in the late 1990s, had successfully organised the popular ISSA North America Conventions that took place annually.

The statements made by the two bodies are below and I'm happy to say that since receiving these, I've had contact with representatives from each, who assure me that both Interclean Amsterdam and ISSA North America are expected to grow and will continue to promote the global cleaning industry in all its glory.

I'm mentioning this here, since there's been talk of the shows suffering as a result of the split and I don't believe that this will be the case. The cleaning industry is enormous and one of the most important industries in the world. Whether ISSA and the RAI are working together or apart, they have both done and will continue to do a great job in promoting it and providing a platform for innovation, discovery and that all-important networking.

Long may they continue to do so!

In other news, the UK Government is holding a consultation on the recycling of plastic bottles, on whether we should pay a premium, which will be refunded when we return empty bottles or present them for recycling at a recycling facility. We need to identify how much that premium should be, in terms of encouraging the more reluctant recyclers amongst us to change our ways. Please make your views known at: www.consult.defra.gov.uk

If you find you're unable to get your views across on the Government's forms, there's also a campaigning opportunity at: www.speakout.38degrees.org.uk

I've written about the problems created by waste plastics many times over the years and mused over potential solutions. One suggestion was to start charging a refundable premium, as used to happen when I was a child. I'm still at a loss as to why that stopped. Reader John Rose wrote on our Facebook page recently: "Here in South Australia we have a collection refund scheme of 10c per container. People make or supplement livings out of collecting waste. You hardly see a deposit type container anywhere. Maybe the UK could do the same but at 10p..." See - it does work (although I think 20p is more likely to make an impact)!

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Jan Hobbs

9th November 2017

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