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New system cleans and disinfects narrow pipe interiors

* Puracator.jpgSaid to be a world first, Puracator is a portable, 'use anywhere' system that offers a simple solution to the problem of cleaning and disinfecting the inside of narrow drainage pipes of around 25mm to 50mm diameter.

Drains block for a number of reasons but frequently this is due to a build-up of fats, salts and deposits with the growth of fungus and/or bacteria in the drain.

Blocked or constricted drains can result in water spillage, disruption and the frequent added problem of highly unpleasant odours. The effects of such situations are often unsightly and potentially dangerous as well as time consuming and expensive to rectify.

Narrow drainage pipes are found in a huge number of situations including sink units, general waste systems, urinals and multi-deck refrigerated display cabinets. Pipework access is more difficult with the existence of 'P Traps', 90-degree bends and T junctions.

Puracator 'negotiates' such obstacles, gaining access and allowing treatment of the entire inner surface of the pipework, so cleaning can be achieved without the need to dismantle the installation or pipework.

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, Puracator's multi-function process is simple, rapid and avoids high dismantling and rebuilding costs, making it extremely efficient.

T: (+44) 01908 511079
W: www.puracator.co.uk

2nd November 2017

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