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We have mail: A solution to fatbergs...

* grease-traps.jpgIn response to the recent article regarding the monster fatberg that has blocked London's sewerage system, I am writing to express concern that this was permitted to grow to this extent by the local authority and water network providers, as this scenario is completely preventable.

Onsite wastewater treatment options are readily available to eliminate fats, oil and grease from wastewater before it enters the sewerage network, negating the risk of fatbergs entirely.

Successful water treatment processes tackle the issue at the source, rather than from within sewer pipes. Businesses such as hotels, restaurants, food manufacturers and takeaways are the biggest contributors to fatberg growth and should be doing more to prevent them.

It's time for businesses to take things a step further with their waste water treatment. To this end, at NCH Europe we've developed solutions that the ideal solution that will help local authorities, businesses and the environment.

By using solutions that use live, naturally occurring bacteria to break down fats, oils, greases, suspended solids and other contaminants in water, combined with the advances in grease trap technology, there's no reason this phenomenon should be allowed to continue.

Businesses simply need to take a few small, affordable steps to support their local authority, save money on their annual effluent water disposal fees and, most importantly, free our sewers of fatbergs.


Bernard Daymon, CEO and president of NCH Europe


5th October 2017

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