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Ophardt: the untouchable - a Purus winner!

* Ophardt-Purus.jpgWashroom dispenser manufacturer Ophardt introduced its maultifuntional touchless faucet 'the untouchable' which provides water, soap and disinfectant in one unit.

The stainless steel body of the faucet prevents corrosion and surface bacteria and with up to 70% water savings, the untouchable is also ideal for use in clinics and washrooms where the refillable 1000ml bottles may be replenished with any appropriate low viscosity fluid.

For use in kitchens the automatic hygiene-flush prevents the build-up of bacteria in the faucet, while continuous water flow can be activated through gesture control.

The faucet may be set up for water, soap and disinfectant, or soap and disinfectant, or just water and soap, or water and soap duo.

By swiping a hand above the faucet it cycles through the avialble liquids. When the hands are placed under the faucet the liquid is dispensed.

Custom colours and anti-fingerprint coating means that the elegant lines of the faucet maintain its clean look despite accidental finger contact.


21st September 2017

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