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Welcome to our first post-Summer-break issue of Cleanzine – which happens to be our 788th; the equivalent of more than 65 years of publishing a monthly magazine! When we started broadcasting, almost 16 years ago, Cleanzine was one of just a handful of e-zines worldwide. Back then we really didn’t know what we had, thinking Cleanzine would be read in the UK and Ireland by just a few thousand people. Little did we know that before long, we’d be broadcasting to more than 100,000 readers in 163 countries!

I’d always written a leader in magazines I’d edited, and as I knew little about Internet publishing or the joys of working on a weekly (and sometimes, daily) it never occurred to me that I might be making life difficult by attempting a weekly leader – despite having struggled sometimes to come up with a theme for a monthly!

As you might imagine, there have been many times over the years that I’ve been short of something interesting to write about.

If you’ve managed to take a break, I hope it’s been enjoyable. I had felt rested but spent far too many hours yesterday and overnight, wondering what to write about today. This time though, it hasn’t been a lack of ideas, but too many…

Should it be the exposé on some of Beijing’s top hotels, which showed that sheets were not always changed between guests? In case you haven’t seen the reports, testers left marks on sheets, cups and toilets that could only be seen under UV light, before checking out. When checking in next day, testers could see the marks, meaning the bedding hadn’t been changed and the cleaning hadn’t been done properly.

Or should it be the studies by researchers from The Netherlands who discovered that under the right conditions, stainless steel taps and sinks have a higher Legionella concentration, than brass ceramic versions and brass thermostatic mixer taps?

Or what about sweeping changes being made all over the UK, to our household waste and recycling collections (with many public consultations taking place over Summer, while we’re away)?

Then there’s the news that microplastics have been discovered in our drinking water worldwide. Frightening, but perhaps only to be expected… You can learn more here: https://orbmedia.org/stories/Invisibles_plastics

And did you hear about the young woman that got stuck in a window when the toilet flush didn’t do its job properly? I’ll let you Google that one…

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Jan Hobbs

7th September 2017

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