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Automatic grill-cleaning robot deals effectively with burnt-on mess

* grill-cleaning-robot.jpgThe Award-winning Grillbot - thought to be the world's first automatic grill-cleaning robot, uses advanced technology to take the grunt work out of cleaning grills. Designed for use on any-style grill, users simply place it on the grill, press a button and the Grillbot does all the cleaning.

Driven by a powerful CPU that controls movement, speed and direction of brushes, the Grillbot is equipped with three high-power electric motors and comes with an LCD alarm and timer that can be set for a light scrub, deep clean or something in between.

After use, the brushes pop right off for easy cleaning and are dishwasher safe and the Lithium Ion battery can be recharged.

Grillbot has already been upgraded following its launch in 2014; it is now offered with a choice of nylon brushes which are safe for use on all grill types as the nylon won't scratch surfaces. There are now multiple solutions best suited to cleaning each particular type of grill.

Grillbot has already sold over 80,000 units globally, including new markets such as Russia, Australia, Canada and soon Brazil - and as with most inventions, it began with a simple idea...

One day, founder Ethan Woods was getting ready to use his grill and did not have a brush available to clean it. While trying to clean a stubborn grill with a wire brush, he wondered if a robot could be created to do the job. He took a power drill, attached a brush and cleaned the grill. He put together a design team and that makeshift drill became the sophisticated, computer-driven Grillbot.


6th July 2017

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