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A new way to spray

* NCH-spray.jpgGlobal water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe is rolling out upgrades across its industrial aerosol product lines. Upgrades to the newly improved products - which are ideal for the construction, facilities management, plant management and manufacturing sectors - include 360-degree valves for spraying at all angles and dual straws to enable a focused spray.

These changes will encompass much of NCH Europe's range of degreasers, coatings, release agents and industrial hand care products.

The updates to NCH Europe's aerosol offering brings uniformity to the product line, with all canister caps being coloured in the corporate blue and cans themselves becoming a consistent 400ml size. Maintenance engineers can now purchase mixed cases of the core range, including solvent-based and aqueous degreasers and corrosion preventative coatings.

The 360-degree valves allow for easy application of product, even in hard to reach places. This is particularly beneficial for applying degreasers, such as NCH Europe's Aqua-Sol Silicate Free, to fixed machinery in the Food Processing environment.

"Choosing the right industrial cleaning product is only half of the battle for maintenance engineers," explains Peter Crossen, VP of the Maintenance Partsmaster Innovation Platform at NCH Europe. "To effectively maintain equipment and machinery, it is important that engineers can apply the product properly.

"This can be difficult for sectors such as building and construction, where fixed infrastructure can quickly accumulate dirt and grime in areas that engineers may struggle to reach.

"Even in easy to reach applications, the 360-degree valve lets engineers treat surfaces evenly, efficiently and safely. For example, electrical motors are prone to gathering dirt during operation. Maintenance engineers can use an aerosol solvent-based degreaser, such as our Lexite Extra, to reach every part of the motor quickly and easily.

"With this update to our aerosol range, we can ensure that engineers and plant managers get the best possible experience. The content of the aerosol is designed to make the maintenance process more efficient for engineers and now the packaging itself also does its part."

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27th April 2017

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