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"What a welcome! Our first experience of the Cleaning Show was one we'll never forget"

* Best-Minds.jpgwrites Anthony Wilkey, of Best Minds: "Earlier this month, Best Minds was invited to present at the Cleaning Show in London's ExCeL Centre. Michelle Cachucho - our founder - and I are fortunate enough to have a lot of experience of this kind of thing, but we'd not presented at the Cleaning Show before and were very much looking forward to it.

We were not disappointed.

The show itself was brilliant, a fantastic demonstration of the great and the good in the UK (and international) cleaning industry, with some terrific networking opportunities and great presentations both before and after our slot on the middle Wednesday.

Our choice of topic was based on extensive research we carried out in 2016, investigating the key issues being faced by the cleaning industry today. Our research helped us to identify seven common challenges and we used our findings to produce a Guide (which you can download below). Since then we've made a commitment to helping cleaning businesses - and the industry as a whole - put measures in place to address these challenges and adjust their approach to ensure that they're well set for more predictable, sustainable growth in the future.

We were invited to speak during the "Developing Your Business" track and shared our findings about the seven challenges we'd recognised. We also talked about how businesses could use proven strategies and technology to combat these challenges, increasing their revenues for a lower cost. At the heart of our presentation was the idea of running a business like a leaky bucket - spending more and more money on generating new leads, whilst struggling to focus properly on keeping, growing and following up with existing prospects and customers.

The response was overwhelming - there were people queueing up to speak to us at the end of our presentation, all of whom had been able to relate to several of the challenges we'd spoken about. It never fails to inspire me when I meet people and businesses that I know we can help, so the fact that much of what we said resonated with the audience was powerful stuff.

So much so that we're planning to run a number of follow up events over the next few months to help cleaning companies learn more about how they can use these proven strategies and technology to grow their businesses. We're hoping these events will allow us to go into greater detail on the topics we presented at the Cleaning Show - including the seven challenges we've identified - whilst also allowing for more discussion with those who attend. Now it's time for a confession.

At Best Minds, we're not cleaning industry veterans. We've done our hard yards working for and with larger organisations that are focused on using business, technology and marketing strategies to grow. However, since we've started to work more closely with businesses in the cleaning sector, we've been struck by the great spirit and camaraderie that they all seem to share.

Combined with a passion for service excellence, it's clear that ambitious cleaning business owners are fully committed to embracing the new - and we really want to help. Whilst we might not be cleaning industry veterans, we are marketing and business growth experts and if there's one thing we have learned (in our combined 25 years in the field), it's that the tactics and strategies we implement with - and for - our clients work.

We know we can make a massive difference in the cleaning industry - that's why we've made it our mission to transform 100 businesses by 2020, helping them increase revenues for a lower cost using our proven strategies and technology. If you'd like to find out how, feel free to get in touch using the contact information below. You can also download a free copy of our Guide and a copy of our Cleaning Show presentation. 

T: +44 (0) 20 7582 4859
E: [email protected]
W: www.bestmindsmarketing.com

6th April 2017

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