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Self-cleaning surfaces solve janitorial challenges and provide an advertising opportunity

* Self-cleaning.jpgBoth in-house janitorial departments and contract cleaning companies are looking for new ways to add value - both real and perceived - and are taking proactive steps to utilise technology to add value and garner recognition for the valuable role they play.

By deploying NanoSeptic continuously self-cleaning surfaces, these forward-thinking environmental services teams are adding a visible component to the essential service they provide.

Not only do visitors and employees know where the cleaner places to touch are (because they can see them) but because these products can be branded, people will know who is responsible for creating a cleaner facility.

"It's nice to be able to add a new tool that isn't another chemical," says Brian Landergan, branch executive for YMCA of Central Virginia. "Between toxicity issues, dilution instructions and dwell times, we have enough to keep track of. By using technology rather than toxins, NanoSeptic surfaces simply work, without any human intervention and regardless of an employee's skill set or training."

D.W. Lawhorne, director of public works for the town of Bedford, Virginia, is another satisfied user. He says: "Our environmental services team is always looking for ways to save time and be more efficient. We're under pressure to perform yet our efficiency is impacted by factors such as required disinfectant dwell times.

"We've seen for ourselves how self-cleaning surfaces can positively impact our overall quality and efficiency."

Another forward-thinking environmental services team is part of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe. After deploying NanoSeptic surfaces in medical and dental clinics, its Elementary Academy and administration offices, other groups such as the local school districts and the Tribal Casino have also decided to deploy these self-cleaning surfaces.

"As a Green Certified facility, we are on constant lookout for ways to improve," says Jess Baidwan, division head of custodial services for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.

"Since our initial installation, the feedback has all been positive and the NanoSeptic surfaces act as proof of our commitment to healthy environments for all! We love them!"

While all janitorial teams work with cleaners and disinfectants in an effort to improve health and minimise absenteeism, this task has often been invisible. The danger to these departments, where outsourcing is the trend, is that there is little perceived value since the results of their work cannot be seen. NanoSeptic surfaces change that by visually communicating their function and reminding people of the importance of a clean facility.

Employee wellness programs are now at the top of the list of corporate initiatives that benefit from the visible nature of self-cleaning surfaces. Environmental Services groups are now contributing directly to these initiatives in a visible way. And employers are excited because these surfaces offer a daily reminder to employees that the company is participating by having a cleaner facility. This results in more employee engagement.

Says Dennis Hackemeyer, NanoTouch co-founder: "The feeling of safety and security that NanoSeptic touchpoints provide to employees and guests is something traditional cleaning couldn't deliver.

"Now our ISP customers are cleaning for wellness 24 hours a day. Think about it... when was the last time someone felt good about touching a restroom door handle?"


13th April 2017

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