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The cleaning industry hasn't fared too well this week, has it? First came news of supermarket giant Asda having received a £300,000 fine for its transgressions (if you didn't see them, imagine pictures of dead rats, mice, flies, droppings, gnawed bags of food with contents spilling...) in its Enfield home delivery depot, which distributes groceries to online shoppers in London and Essex.

Then it was feminine hygiene services provider PHS, whose gloved operative was filmed transporting filled bins out of a Morrisons supermarket store and to the van for removal, using one of the customers' shopping trolleys, which the operative allegedly didn't clean before returning to the trolley stand.

There were long discussions in the readers' comments sections of the online newspapers, with many Asda customers saying they would either take their business elsewhere or give up online shopping.

The misuse of the shopping trolley led to debates about whether the bins were actually soiled or not, since it was the contents that were an issue, rather than the bins themselves. It only took a comment from a man describing the potential splashing of the bins (not sure splashing happens with ladies but of course they will probably be opening the bins with soiled hands!) before the rest of the posters became convinced that this was something they'd not want to see repeated in their own locality.

Obviously Asda's Enfield depot has had a big clean-up and its counterparts in other areas will no doubt be on their toes to ensure they meet hygiene standards, while PHS's operative will have received extra training and PHS has cleaned all the trolleys at the store where the transgression took place. However, the damage has been done and incidents like this take their toll on the service provider and the facility supposedly being looked after, as well as our industry itself - which is a shame, as there's so much that's good about it.

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Jan Hobbs

9th March 2017

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