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I write this to the sound of drilling and hammering from the next room. I've finally given up on trying to deal with limescale at home and have succumbed to the lure of the water softener - it's currently being fitted.

Over the 25 years I've been part of this industry (now that's a scary thought... I'm getting older!) I've received dozens of press releases and spoken with many representatives at exhibitions about limescale problems, seen loads of 'before & after' pictures and watched demonstrations proving how good individual products are at dealing with limescale, but sadly, everything I've tried at home hasn't quite done the trick.

And it's not just the cleaning aspect either. The stuff eats through a kettle every 18 months or so. What's it doing to my insides, I wonder... Perhaps my limescale issues are worse than normal, with my water supply fed by the rains falling on the North Downs? Who knows?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a gleaming sink, drainer, taps and kettle, streak-free windows and shower screen and a scum-free bath - oh - and drinking tea that doesn't have dark patches floating on it, which stick to the side of the cup as it slowly empties. I gather I'll also be spending less on cleaning products, which need to be used in higher concentrates when mixed with hard water - something I'll no longer have. I'll let you know how it goes...

In getting the area ready for the fitters this morning, I noticed things that could have been cleaned better, which I tend not to normally be aware of, but when looking at it through what would be the fitters' eyes, had me running for the vacuum cleaner and reaching for my cleaning cloths. It made me wonder whether this type of thinking is what separates a good cleaner from a bad one - the ability to look at the finished job, from the point of view of a building user... Less of a: "I've done that so it must be clean" and more of a "How does it actually look, when viewed with a 'fresh' eye?"

I mentioned exhibitions earlier and of course it's only a couple of weeks until the UK's own Cleaning Show opens its doors at London's ExCel and we'll be examining new solutions to old cleaning problems. Have you emailed me your press release yet?

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Jan Hobbs

2nd March 2017

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