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Fight Norovirus and keep schools open

* Performacide.jpgWith the recent outbreaks of Norovirus causing school closures in the US, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention has published guidelines including the recommendation of cleaning and disinfecting contaminated surfaces with a disinfectant registered as effective against Norovirus by the Environmental Protection Agency.

In addition to Norovirus outbreaks in schools, the CDC has recommended in its Vessel Sanitation Operations Manual the use of a halogen-based disinfectant and sanitiser for cleanup and disinfection of contaminated areas in cruise ships.

Performacide hard surface disinfectant is EPA registered for killing Norovirus in schools, cafeterias, colleges, daycare centres, hotels, and public eating places. It utilises activated chlorine dioxide, a halogen-based EPA registered disinfectant that is effective against Norovirus.

The product is perfect for disinfecting hard non-porous surfaces after contamination by fecal and vomit accidents. Having many versatile applications, it can also be used throughout a vessel especially in private cabins with hot tubs and whirlpool spas. In addition to killing Norovirus, it is also proven effective against Salmonella, Staphylcoccus, E-coli, and Listeria.

"Performacide is the perfect choice for these types of institutional cleaning practices as it can be simply sprayed on surfaces such as door handles, chairs, faucets, sneeze guards, and sports equipment," says the Peter Dornau, of Ocean Bio-Chem, which manufactures the product.

"Once Performacide is sprayed on a hard surface and allowed to air dry, it does not require any rinsing because it does not leave residues on surfaces.


9th February 2017

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