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Creating a facilities management programme: 'Do's' and 'Don'ts'

* Hunter-Giles.jpgDeveloping a comprehensive approach to facilities maintenance is not always an easy task to accomplish. While there are many best practices for creating an FM programme, the path to finding and implementing a plan that meets the specific needs of your facility or facilities can be challenging.

With efficiency as a common end goal, facilities are searching for ways to optimise opportunities without increasing costs. Here, Betco's Hunter Giles offers some tips on how to establish the facilities management programme that suits your needs...

Here are some dos and don'ts to help you develop a maintenance plan that fits your needs:


* Expect to inspect. There is always room for improvement. Pay attention to the areas in which your FM programme could become better. By determining what changes need to be made, you could increase efficiency and reduce expenses.

* Calculate costs. Assess the specific needs in your facility and develop a plan to convert to more innovative, cost effective solutions. When evaluating your current expenses and researching other options, you'll feel more empowered to make a decision in your maintenance programme and potentially get more bang for your buck.

* Outline opportunities. Building an effective FM programme requires weighing the pros and cons. Presenting various options and showcasing the advantages of a proposed programme will help you establish a customised plan for your facility.


* Rely on the bare minimum. You shouldn't have to settle when it comes to the cleanliness of your facility. While your current maintenance programme may be sufficient, there is always an opportunity to enhance it. When you analyse your programme, you may discover new ways to achieve a higher level of clean.

* Guesstimate. There's no need to play the guessing game with your FM programme. Many modern tools are available to you for free online to assist you in planning and executing the very best solution strategies.

* Short-change on change. Every facility is unique and requires solutions customised to their specific needs. While modeling your maintenance plan off of another facility's may be easy and effective, make sure you take the time to evaluate what's best for your facility. Building an exclusive plan may present you with various new opportunities.

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