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Now I wouldn’t say I’m a prude and nor would I say I’m judgmental, but I was really taken aback to read in the press this week about the company that’s recruiting cleaners whose only protective clothing will be gloves and slippers… indeed whose only clothing will be gloves and slippers… I was horrified!

The cleaning industry has worked so hard to improve the public’s perception of cleaning, yet here’s a company seeking to charge £25 for the first hour for a clothed cleaner or £65 for a naked one, with a £5 or £10 reduction (respectively) for subsequent hours.

Are they both trained to similar standards I wonder?

I can completely understand the idea of naturism but feel that cleaning without clothing is not only undignified but that it is leaving the cleaners vulnerable to all manner of things.

How do they clean properly while preserving their dignity if they’re not wearing any clothes? Are they likely to injure themselves by twisting awkwardly to clean difficult-to-reach areas without exposing more of their bodies than they might do if they adopted a more comfortable (but also more body-exposing) stance? And what about those who are tasked with doing the ironing, or who are using chemicals, which might splash sensitive parts of their bodies?

And what about the neighbours, who might encounter a window cleaner who’s wearing nothing but a smile?

I’ve visited the company’s website and am disturbed by what I’ve read, such as references to “beautiful, nude cleaners” (ugly ones need not apply then!) and that having a nude cleaner “makes one of the most boring chores become one of the most fun”. It even says: “Paying for a cleaner is a life saver… but it’s not exactly a fun experience. But a naturist nude cleaner? Suddenly a boring chore you have been putting off for a long time becomes one of the highlights of your year” - before inviting clients to discuss with their cleaners, whether they’re going to watch them work!

Am I the only one who finds this distasteful?

I’m sorry, but while this story has attracted huge publicity (and possibly custom) it’s taken the industry back years in terms of raising the profile of those who clean for a living and made it into a bit of a joke. I’d almost say that the now-rarely-seen image of Mrs Mopp would be more helpful…

So sad…

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Jan Hobbs

19th January 2017

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