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SCA launches Tork Stainless Washroom Upgrade Solutions in North America

* SCA-Tork.jpgThis week, Tork, an SCA brand, launched Tork Stainless Washroom Upgrade Solutions, a new offering that helps customers unlock their washrooms' hidden potential by debunking the myth that upgrading a washroom's ambiance and efficiency requires significant time and money.

While the washroom isn't top-of-mind for the average person, it is arguably the most often-used facility in any building. Whether it be a restaurant, hotel, university, transportation hub, hospital or office building; unclean, poorly-stocked and outdated washrooms leave a negative impression on visitors, tenants and even employees, while a well-maintained facility enhances a business's reputation.

Tork Stainless Washroom Upgrade Solutions provides customers with a premium and cost-effective alternative to washroom upgrades. With this line of easy-to-install systems that won't hurt existing infrastructure or take washrooms out of play for long periods the way a traditional renovation would, enhancing washroom facilities no longer means an extensive overhaul. With Tork's new range of solutions, facilities managers can unlock an improved, modern washroom experience for users by making simple upgrades to existing units.

As part of the line, Tork is launching:

* Tork Matic hand towel dispenser recessed - with intuition sensor - This dispenser easily fits into existing recessed infrastructure, providing a touch-free roll towel system that gives guests the ultimate hand drying experience.

* Tork Xpress recessed cabinet towel adapters - With three size options that are easily attached within a recessed towel cabinet, this is ideal for customers who prefer folded towel solutions. Not only does it ensure one-at-a-time dispensing, it also prevents product from falling out.

"Tork continues to innovate by focusing on solutions that offer a premium, easy and cost-effective alternative to intensive restroom renovations," says Claude Corcos, marketing director, commercial segment for SCA AfH Professional Hygiene. "Facility managers and business owners often hesitate to make washroom enhancements because of the myth that upgrades are costly and complex.

"With Tork Stainless Washroom Upgrade Solutions, we want to help customers unlock their restrooms' hidden potential by challenging this misconception and showing how our line makes upgrades easy-to-install and hassle free."

With sleek design and enhanced capabilities, Tork Stainless Washroom Upgrade Solutions can help customers and end users unlock benefits such as:

* Savings - Tork Stainless Washroom Upgrade Solutions fit seamlessly into existing wall units, eliminating the need for costly renovations.
* Improved Products - The dispensers and adapters allow customers to take full advantage of Tork Premium hand towels, which feature superior softness and a better experience for end users' hand drying needs.
* Better hygiene - One at a time dispensing with Tork Stainless Washroom Upgrade Solutions ensures that users only touch the sheet that they will use, improving washroom hygiene. Tork Matic hand towel dispenser recessed - with intuition takes this one step further by facilitating hands-free dispensing.
* Easier maintenance - Thanks to Tork Xpress recessed cabinet towel adapters, (which fit tightly into recessed dispensers, regulating product flow) cleaning staff no longer have to tidy up after piles of towels that fall onto the floor - or worse - those that fall into wet sinks.
* Enhanced visitor experience - With Tork Stainless Washroom Upgrade Solutions, washroom visitors will experience a modern washroom that combines streamlined design aesthetic with state-of-the-art functionality.

This online guide helps facilities managers determine which products from the portfolio will work best for their facility and offer a better experience for staff and visitors.


12th January 2017

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