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HSL to run a one-day course on 'Slips and Trips - Falls Prevention'

Slips, trips and falls are the leading cause of major injuries in the workplace. These injuries can be devastating for the individual involved and they generate a huge financial burden on industry. Almost all slips and trips can be prevented, often with simple inexpensive interventions - but the key is in knowing the best methods. Slips and trips can happen for a number of reasons, but all too frequently people jump to conclusions about why they happen rather than looking for the true cause, or assume that it is 'just one of those things' and do nothing.

The biggest challenges when trying to reduce slips in the workplace are knowing where to get reliable information on flooring, understanding the ins and outs of cleaning, and knowing how to select footwear. Understanding the science behind slips and trips makes it easier to identify the true cause of a fall and prevent future incidents.

A one-day course being run on 24th January, 2017, by the Health & Safety Laboratory, will help you understand the causes of slips, trips and falls, and highlight successful interventions that offer a great starting point for organisations looking to reduce falls. It is delivered by experts in accident investigation and has a practical focus on understanding the causes of slips, trips and falls and reducing the risk of future incidents.

Previous attendees have reported a reduction in incidents of up to 50%.

The course includes:

* Why people slip - the slip potential model
* Characterising flooring, which tests work, which don't and why
* The role of contamination in slip accidents
* The effect that good and bad cleaning techniques can have on slips
* How footwear can help in reducing slip accidents
* Preventing trips
* The causes of stair falls and how to reduce the risk
* There will also be an opportunity to visit the Falls Prevention Team laboratory and see slip testing in action

The course will be useful for anyone involved in managing slips and trips - particularly those responsible for selecting flooring or footwear in their business, as well as employees involved in critical operations such as cleaning.

Bespoke versions of this course for specific organisations can be developed on request.

The course will be run at the HSL laboratory in the spa town of Buxton. Buxton is in the heart of the Peak District and has good links to mainline train stations and Manchester International Airport.

For those living in the south, the course is also being held in London, near Marble Arch, on 9th March 2017.

T: +44 (0)1298 218806
E: [email protected]
W: www.hsl.gov.uk

5th January 2017

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