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If you're a regular reader of my leaders, or if you know me well, you'll probably realise how much pleasure it gave me to be able to write, in one of this week's news stories: "The cleaning industry fares a great deal better than that".

The story to which I refer, came about as a result of this week's Office for National Statistics figures which show that while there is still an average 18.1% gender pay gap in the UK (the lowest since records began), it is far lower than that when it comes to cleaners, their supervisors and managers. Well done the cleaning industry!

I'm probably going to receive hate mail for saying this, but I strongly believe that pay should be equal as long as the work that's carried out is the same. I hate the idea of females in any industry earning the same as their male colleagues, while perhaps having an easier ride, thanks to being 'the fairer sex'. I was cross when female tennis players at Wimbledon were asking for the same pay as men, when they played just three sets to the men's five, while the idea of boardroom quotas 'to even things up', makes me positively livid.

Equal pay for equal work is the right way to go and a place on the Board should be awarded on merit - not just because the female quota is lacking!

I do find it sad though that in this day and age and in a land that's known to be one of those that does the right thing by its people, we still have a gender pay gap. There's absolutely no excuse for it, is there? If women cleaners are paid just 0.3% less than their male counterparts - way below the average - just imagine what it's like at the other end of the scale!

On that note, may I wish you well for the holidays? This is the last issue of Cleanzine until 5th January and I was about to say "so John and I can have a much-needed break". However, we will be working hard on that 5th January issue over the holidays, so please make our lives easier by keeping your news coming our way. If you're also having a break, I hope it's a good one and may 2017 be happy, healthy and peaceful for us all.

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Jan Hobbs

15th December 2016

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