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Global cleaning technology leader exposes cleaning habits in new 'Come Clean' Survey

With the holiday season officially upon us, millions of us will be preparing our homes to host friends and family to celebrate the holiday season. In addition to preparing meals, hanging decor and buying gifts, families will be putting away clutter and cleaning their homes before hosting guests and out-of-town visitors.

According to a new global survey conducted by YouGov Plc for Kärcher, Americans really take pride in their homes. The survey revealed that more than eight in 10 Americans (81%) feel it is important to keep their home clean, and 43% report cleaning their home regularly even if things do not appear dirty.

However, cleaning is hardly a favorite American pastime. Some 70% of Americans-and 75 percent of baby boomers 55 years or older-feel that cleaning is a hassle but must be done.

"As a global manufacturer of cleaning technology for more than 80 years, Kärcher's mission is to help our customers make their homes cleaner, quicker," says Hannes Saeubert, Kärcher North America CEO. "With more than 1,600 patents and designs, we are constantly innovating our technology, service and design to anticipate our customers' needs-whatever their personal habits and cleaning preferences may be."

One way some Americans are making cleaning less of a chore is by doing it 'In the buff'. The survey reveals that nearly one in three Americans aged 18 - 34 (28%) have cleaned or performed household chores in the nude. Men of all ages are most likely to strip down to clean, with 24% saying they've done so versus 17% of women. Cleaning nude tends to be a habit most enjoyed solo, with 28% of respondents identifying as separated and 23% of those who report being single saying they've performed household chores naked.

The online survey was conducted in October by YouGov among a representative sample of 9,439 individuals 18 years and older in the US, UK, Germany, Argentina, Japan and France.

Among all respondents, Argentinians felt most strongly (94%) about the importance of their homes being clean, while Japanese respondents reported spending the least amount of time cleaning their homes. Almost half (47%) of those surveyed in Japan say they spend less than one hour cleaning each week, compared to more than one?third of those in Germany (34%), the UK (39%), the US (43%) and France (44%) who spend more than three hours cleaning their homes each week. Argentina also ranked highest in this category, with two?thirds of respondents (67%) reporting they spend more than three hours cleaning each week.

Whatever you preferred cleaning habits and attire, follow these often overlooked tips from Kärcher to make your home sparkle and impress your guests this holiday season:

* Anticipate curious visitors: In addition to cleaning common room floors and surfaces, don't forget about those out of sight areas your curious guests may check out, like bathroom closets and cabinets. Clear out the clutter by checking for and safely disposing of empty and expired bottles, medicines and cosmetics. Before returning remaining products to the cabinet, wipe down all shelves and drawers. Soap, water and cosmetics residue on the bathroom mirror can be removed using a handy cordless window cleaner, which is also a great tool for streak-free cleaning of windows and glass surfaces without the need for costly paper towels.

* Show off your on-the-road tidiness: Picking up out-of-town relatives or carpooling to the holiday party? Impress your guests by cleaning floor mats, seats, air vents, cup holders and dashboard. A lightweight, easy to maneuver wet/dry vacuum has accessories to gently reach and remove crumbs, dust and lint from both fabric seats and leather upholstery. To tackle floor mats bearing the brunt of winter weather, remove them to clean dirt by hand, with a brush or high-pressure cleaner. Hang the mats to dry so excess water can drain off easily; while drying, use the vacuum to remove sand, crumbs and dust.

* Let your exterior holiday decor shine: Be sure friends, family and neighbours can safely admire your outside decorations without leaves and debris becoming a hazard as they accumulate on your driveway, sidewalk and steps. To expedite the process and avoid paying for costly lawn maintenance services, try an easy-to-operate gadget like a Push Sweeper that allows you to sweep five times quicker than a conventional broom or rake.

Kärcher North America is one of the largest subsidiaries of Alfred Karcher, GmbH & CO. In North America, Kärcher produces and distributes products and services under the brands Kärcher, Windsor Kärcher Group, Prochem Kärcher Group, Landa Kärcher Group, Hotsy, Water Maze, Graco, Spraymart, Cuda, and Shark. The company's solutions serve customers' cleaning needs in an economical and environmentally-friendly manner. 

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