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It’s the time of year that we’re bombarded with articles – even in the national press – on ‘how to drop a dress size in a month’ so we can fit into our festive party outfits. One tip that often comes from whichever guru is writing the article, is that one should never wear anything with an elasticated waist (as our waistlines can expand without our knowledge, to fit however far the elastic may manage to stretch) and to buy a party outfit in a smaller size so we know that unless we try really hard with our weight-loss programme, we’re not going to fit into it.

I have to congratulate my local council, Epsom & Ewell BC, for adopting a similar concept when it comes to encouraging us to think about what we recycle and what we send to landfill. I had one of those ‘now why didn’t someone think of that before?’ moments when I received notification about its forthcoming collection changes.

Our enormous ‘rubbish for landfill’ green wheelie bins, one of which I could perhaps make last for six months, are to be swapped (in terms of use) for our medium sized ‘cardboard, plastics and coloured paper recyclables’ black bins that aren’t big enough to last me between fortnightly collections. Even the new colours make sense!

Invariably, what won’t fit into the recycling bin has to sit somewhere and take its turn, which although a bit of a pain is ok, as it’s clean and dry. Judging by the overflowing landfill bins I see locally, many fellow residents have not been so discerning and just decide to dump everything.

Holding back dry waste for the next collection is totally different from holding back the sort of waste that has to go to landfill so I for one am delighted that those who’ve not bothered to recycle will now be forced to do so, or live with a heap of stinking, soggy waste for another fortnight.

If your local council is making (or has made) similar changes, I’d love to hear about the impact on recycling figures…

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Jan Hobbs

17th November 2016

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