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Trafalgar launch the Eco City Sweeper 2 and the Eco City Picker. Two new battery machines guaranteed to put an electric smile on everyone's face!

* Eco2.jpgWith our nation's streets becoming more congested and local authorities' desire for more round-the-clock cleaning in our towns and cities, Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment has launched two new battery powered machines designed with operators and pedestrians in mind - the Eco City Sweeper 2 and Eco City Picker.

Keep Britain Tidy reports that £858 million annually is spent on picking up the litter in the UK. A recent MORI poll shows that clean streets come only second to crime and hospitals in a survey of local issues. Of items dropped, cigarette butts account for 122 tonnes of litter. The problem is clearly not going away.

Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment is already a market leader in providing chewing gum and graffiti removal equipment in the UK and has also been supplying sweeping, leaf and litter collecting equipment to local authorities in the UK for some 20 years. The company, which has recently expanded its headquarters in Horsham, Surrey, tells us that the Eco City Sweeper 2 and Eco City Picker are to become a core part of its portfolio.

Both the Eco City Sweeper 2 and Eco City Picker are battery powered and will provide an eight-hour run time and importantly, the battery power means that they will be as kind to the environment as they will to their surroundings. The quiet nature of the machines mean that operators can go about their daily routines without impacting on members of the general public's busy lives. The batteries for both units have also been carefully selected as well so that at the end of their useful life the cells can be 100% recycled.

Eco City Sweeper 2 allows the operator to walk, stand or even ride behind the machine, sweeping dust, debris, detritus and litter directly into a 130ltr plastic bag. The hopper is simple to empty with two clips and a wheelbarrow-style arrangement making it so easy to move. For the areas that cannot be reached by the sweeper itself, there is a wanderhose arrangement that has substantial suction. Emitting noise of just 68db in operation, this machine will be perfectly acceptable to people going about their daily lives.

Eco City Picker has been designed to make operators more efficient with their time and to make their job easier. With more litter to pick up in the same amount of time, the Eco Picker can effortlessly collect cigarette butts, litter and leaf fall from the tightest of areas.

* City-Picker.jpgThere are two main advantages that the Eco City Picker has over its rivals, reports Trafalagar. First, the unit can be provided with a support arm for the wanderhose; this makes operators' lives even easier. The second and most important feature is of the Eco City Picker's cleverly-designed filtration system. As with any vacuum, air has to pass through the machine to lift the debris. If air is to be expelled cleanly it has to pass through a filter. With most machines on the market today, as debris builds up in the filter, suction performance is compromised. The Eco City Picker can be fitted with an onboard air compressor that will fire high pressure air through the machine every two minutes. This keeps airflow at its optimum, prolongs the life of the filter and reduces any required operator daily maintenance.

Over the years, Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment's own product range has become a market leader in the removal of chewing gum, graffiti and dog excrement. Its own range of litter collectors is now so popular that the company's production facilities had to increase beyond expectations, necessitating the recent move. The company's support staff offer a high quality of aftersales service, with nine fully trained mobile service engineers, in a fleet of vans filled with spares to help facilitate a quick repair service and thus reduce downtime.

Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment is also Karcher's largest stocking distributor in the UK - an association that also celebrates 21 years. Trafalgar's new showroom facility offers an impressive range of Prochem, Numatic and Kawasaki machines and spares, together with a comprehensive range of chemicals and janitorial products supported by friendly staff in a welcoming atmosphere.

The company also boasts one of the largest ranges of cleaning equipment available for customers to hire. This range can be hired from anything from one day to three years, depending on each customer's needs. The company's extensive customer base ranges from small window cleaning companies through to blue chip plcs, local authorities, cleaning companies and their distributors globally.?

Top 10 discarded litter types:

1. Smoking related materials ?
2. Confectionary packets
3. Non-alcoholic related drinks
4. Fast food related
5. Other packaging
6. Alcoholic drinks related
7. Snack packets
8. Vehicle parts
9. Discarded food & drink
10. Supermarket or retail bag related

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W: http://www.trafalgarcleaningequipment.co.uk/eco-city-sweeper




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