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Cordless floorcare equipment offers greater flexibility

* Morclean-scrubber-driers.jpgAdditions to Morclean's portfolio of scrubber dryers offer a number of cordless models in a choice of petrol or battery versions.

"Whereas previous models may have restricted versatility and freedom of movement, the cordless versions are now taking prominence on the market and it's becoming a rarity for cord versions to be chosen," says the company's Peter Morley. "For areas where an electricity supply is not available it is now possible for floor cleaning equipment to reach.

"With the continuous development in floorcare machines, these heavy and bulky pieces of equipment are now improving in design and are easier to manoeuvre whether in a large, open area or those tighter spaces. Machines now come equipped with fully adjustable handle systems and brush-assisted traction which helps make lighter work of big jobs that sometimes cover a wide floor space.

"There is an increasing pressure on companies to be eco-friendlier and using battery powered alternatives supports the drive for businesses to be greener. Battery machines operate on far less energy than their petrol alternatives- our battery powered machines on average run on 24v when in use, whereas those with a cable can use up to 240v.

"Here at Morclean we supply a broad range of scrubber dryers and sweepers that suit a whole host of applications. They are available with varying brush sizes and methods of use, including pedestrian and ride-on. The smaller machines are useful for compact applications and where flexibility around corners may be required, this may include warehouses which have a lot of obstacles or shelving to manoeuvre around. Alternatively, the machines with bigger tanks are ideal for larger applications.

"As a company that exports regularly around the globe we have sent our range of floorcare equipment to various locations and sometimes places you wouldn't immediately expect to see a scrubber dryer or sweeper. The versatility of the range enables the machines to pick up various materials such as dust, tobacco and wet applications and we have been confronted by varying industries to supply our machines.

"We have previously supplied a floorcare machine to a tobacco plant in Uzbekistan that needed machines capable of cleaning the warehouse floor and picking up fine pieces of debris and waste.

"Warehouses are a common place for scrubber dryer equipment to be found, but we've also been confronted by companies that need specialist equipment to deal with alternative floor types.

"An example of this was when we were contacted by an F1 team to supply a machine that would be suitable for the cleaning of its epoxy coated floors; this also included the supply of specialist detergent so they'd get the most out of their scrubber dryer and the finish they desired.

"Another example of where the machines have been used for a specialist application is a hockey club which required equipment to maintain the cleanliness of their new, and very specialised, cushioned sports flooring.

"We understand the different working times and limitations customers may have when they come to us and provide the best solution using our past experience and knowledge. If you ?
are looking for a new scrubber dryer or sweeper, we have a new range available spanning a multitude of sizes- ranging from 300mm brush size, right up to 500mm."

T: 01246 471147
W: www.morclean.com

13th October 2016

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