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Oh dear. I can imagine the sorts of conversations going on this morning… We’ve become used to seeing this type of thing jokingly scrawled on tradespeople’s vans over the years, but a hospital waiting room floor?

In case you missed the news, a woman who’d taken her son to hospital was so horrified with the filthy waiting room floor that she used baby wipes to show her disgust, at the same time drawing attention to just how dirty the floor had been allowed to become. And now the world knows all about it!

* leader-pic-dirty-floor.jpgI’ve sometimes looked at the incredibly shiny floors in hospitals and wondered just how clean they really are under the shine, since while they can appear to be grubby, you can never quite be sure whether it’s grime or the colour of the flooring itself.

One way to find out is to have your son vomit and then attempt to clean it up with baby wipes – as this woman did. It was only as she was cleaning that she noticed the clean trail the wipes were leaving across the filthy floor.

Someone at the scene at the time, who works at the hospital, is reported as saying that the floor is cleaned every day. That it may be, but just how is it being cleaned and what is being used to do the job? I’d hazard a guess that it’s not being done by a qualified cleaner!

And where’s the person who’s supposed to check these things? What about those who use the area each day? Hadn’t they noticed how dirty everything was?

We’re all responsible by law for the safety of our workplaces and what surprises me is that no-one working at the hospital (and particularly, someone responsible for the facility) will have noticed that there was an issue with this particular floor and either done something about it or pointed it out to the powers that be?

Apparently, someone at Tameside General Hospital, in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, is now reviewing cleaning schedule…

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Jan Hobbs

29th September 2016

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