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ISS Finland takes part in the show 'Undercover Boss Finland'

* ISS_undercoverboss.jpgJukka Jäämaa, CEO of ISS Finland, together with four company employees, took part in the Pomo piilossa (Undercover Boss) series that aired on Finnish television yesterday (7th September). For ISS colleagues Mandi, Tanja, Kai, and Sushan, this experience increased their motivation and indicated that the business managers respect their employees. Interacting with customers offered the most valuable lessons for the CEO.

On the television show, business executives assume a fictional identity and disguise their appearance to find out what the everyday lives of their employees are like. Jukka Jäämaa, who assumed the alias of Kalevi, got to know the professions of a property maintenance employee, a restaurant employee, a cleaner and a security guard.

"I regularly meet a number of employees, and I have always known that we have wonderful people," Jäämaa says. "This was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to take part in the series. I wanted to put these professionals who keep many of our society's important wheels turning, in the spotlight, and build up pride for what we do within our company.

"Customer service taught me the most. The way other employees taught me to face our customers strengthened my belief that we will truly be the world's best service company."

Kai Viherkanto, a veteran service supervisor in ISS property maintenance services, trained Jäämaa in property maintenance. Kai felt satisfied after the positive experience, saying:

"This opportunity provided by the company still feels a little surprising. "It offered yet another increase in motivation. It is wonderful that the CEO has the will and motivation to put himself on the front line for the company and its employees, and explore the different fields of a company of this size."

Cleaning professional Tanja Lehtinen agrees:

"I guess I accidentally said to Kalevi during the shoot that it is great when people working in leading positions take a closer look at a profession and field which are not regarded as that attractive. The series has an excellent concept, and taking part in it shows that the CEO respects us employees. This is super positive."

Cafeteria supervisor Sushan Shrestra was so impressed by Kalevi's natural talent in front of the camera that he even thought he was an actor. However, the truth was even better.

"Many executives make decisions without consulting us employees, even though we meet customers every day and, for example, know which are the best-selling products," he notes. "It was great that our top management came down to see how things really work and stand."

At the airport, Mandi Plith instructed Kalevi in security controller and guard duties. As a particularly fun experience, she remembers the final interview where it was revealed that Kalevi is not a new employee on a trial period but the company's CEO.

"As I was sitting face to face with Jukka Jäämaa, I first thought that he sure does look familiar. Then it occurred to me that he was Kalevi! I thought that he sure has got a better job as he looked so much nicer: he had shaved his beard and moustache and was wearing nice clothes. But as soon as Jukka opened his mouth I knew who he really was."

The employees involved in the series were also rewarded for their excellent customer service attitude and work.

ISS Finland is the third largest private employer and the leading property and facility service company in the country, producing cleaning, property, security, and catering services for the private and public sectors. Through its operations, ISS Finland creates qualitative and financial value for its customers' business operations. Annual turnover amounted to EUR 503 million in 2015, and the company employs more than 10,000 people. ISS Finland is part of the international ISS Group, which has activities in 77 countries.


8th September 2016

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