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Graffiti gone with Greyland chemicals

* Greyland-Graffiti3.jpgSo, your premises, or your client's premises, have experienced a graffiti attack. In order to avoid the 'broken window' effect where additional graffiti continues to appear, you'll want to get rid of it promptly.

You could hire a pressure washer or steam cleaning machine if you don't already have one available, but that makes graffiti removal costly, time-consuming, and rather noisy.

Instead, why not just keep Greyland's Graffiti Remover to hand? This 750ml trigger spray is a blend of low toxic solvents that will remove a wide range of paints and inks from felt tip pens. Spray on, leave for a few minutes, wipe off. Repeat as necessary.

Activator heavy duty liquid graffiti remover, more powerful than aerosolised versions is also available in 1L bottle and 5L canister.

Why not become a Greyland distributor? Greyland brand or Own Label, you'll know that Greyland cleaning chemicals have been formulated to the highest standards in order to satisfy their national network and export markets. Just ask for a sample and test it yourself.

T. 0161 343 3830
E. [email protected]
W. www.greyland.co.uk

11th August 2016

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