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Australia's contractors continue to embarrass themselves

* ALAN-Hardcastle.jpgWrites Australian-based cleaning industry expert & ex-Inclean/ Inclean New Zealand publisher, Alan Hardcastle...

"Thank goodness Australia has a Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO). It seems to be the only organisation, apart from an under-resourced union, that stands up for cleaners in their quest to be respected in terms of wages and working conditions.

Almost daily, and at least weekly, the FWO is fining contract cleaning employers for their amoral employment 'practices'.

Appalling employer attitudes continue to taint Australia's cleaning industry, which buckles under the pressure of a property management industry that demands low prices and has a cavalier attitude to quality.

The latest case, as broadcast by today's Sydney Morning Herald's BusinessDay's Nick Toscano, reveals that 'Korean cleaners have been paid illegal cash wages of $15 an hour, which an employer has attempted to argue is the "going rate" in Australia's Korean community.

'Two Korean cleaning workers, who are on working holiday visas, are believed to be owed almost $10,000 for just three months' work at a Sydney college between March and June this year.'

Apparently the latest revelations came to light after the exploited cleaners lodged complaints with the national workplace watchdog (FWO).

Under the (Australian federal government) Cleaning Services Award, which sets minimum pay and conditions for cleaners, the Korean backpackers should have been paid at least $18 an hour for ordinary shifts, $27 an hour on Saturdays and $36 an hour on Sundays.

www.smh.com.au & www.fwo.gov.au

Ed: Alan can be contacted via LinkedIn

4th August 2016

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