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Discover the colour psychology in your washroom with Rentokil Initial

* INITIAL-SIGNATURE.jpgInitial Singapore, the first in Asia, has launched the Signature Colour range - a large selection of hygiene products: soap dispensers, air fresheners, toilet seat cleaner, dual sanitiser, feminine hygiene bins - for optimising a facility's hygiene needs while complementing interior design trends.

The new Signature Colour range is available in seven colors: pink, red, blue, turquoise, green, champagne and black, to match the decor and aesthetically enhance the washroom design.

For instance, in a premium hospitality business environment that is frequently patronised by business leaders and influential guests, elegance, sophistication, refinement and luxury are some key experience attributes to consider. Signature Champagne and Black is offered to uplift the premium status of the sleek-designed washrooms, typically with warm lighting and a well-scented environment.

People make an initial judgement, on average, in around 90 seconds, and 60% to 90% of decisions are influenced by colours. Some types of business use colour themes to support their services. For instance, a gym, international schools or creative and art galleries depend on colour to energise, uplift or brighten the end users. Signature Pink, Red or Green may be used to provide a feeling of nurturing wellbeing, or of stimulating and lively enthusiasm, or a refreshing feel.

"We are committed in prioritising quality and efficiency assurance through a series of research and development initiatives," says the company. "Tested with chemical cleaning products and focusing on the scratch-resistant element, colour durability and quality paint application, the units also contain anti-microbial properties and anti-bacterial technology to raise hygiene standards."

As a market leader in its major core business relating to pest control and specialist hygiene and washroom solutions, Rentokil Initial Singapore has received various awards and accolades recognising excellence in service, business, operations and quality. It has established high standards in health and safety competency and conducts stringent audits and site inspections according to International ISO Standards.

The organisation actively engages in CSR programmes by initiating outreach and educational activities, collaborating with associations such as the Restroom Association Singapore and government agencies to raise awareness on the importance of hand wash and maintaining good washroom cleanliness standards.

T: +65-6347-8138
E: [email protected]
W: www.initial.com.sg

4th August 2016

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