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I was going to start today’s leader with a quote – and as I always do, before writing it I checked against the original to see that my version hadn’t become corrupted over time. I ended up reading the entire poem and it seemed rather poignant bearing in mind what’s going on in the markets following the EU referendum just two weeks ago.

A debate on a friend’s Facebook page, that we need the EU to prevent further war in Europe, prompted a post from me pointing out that it’s our leaders who take us into wars and not us, the ordinary people, who instigate them. Perhaps I’m being naïve but I like to think mankind (or most of it, anyway) has matured enough to no longer desire to fight our neighbours, who are also our business colleagues, acquaintances, friends and, more than ever these days, family.

And once again it’s the leaders (and from that I don’t just mean the prime ministers, presidents, etc., but business leaders, financial experts and those the ordinary people look up to) who are creating conflict in terms of the global economy by instead of being seen to be taking the Brexit vote in their stride and promoting the ‘business as usual’ concept, to prevent any potential issues, have instead chosen to create panic and division.

I work across three industries and talk to a lot of businesses that are not just UK-based, as well as ordinary people, over the course of a week. I also receive a multitude of press releases which show that, like the people I’m talking to, those sending the releases are considering that it is indeed, very much, business as usual.

I’m not the only one who’s said over the years that it’s easy to talk yourself into a recession and I despair at the attitudes of those who could truly make a difference in what are now turbulent times, but choose not to.

The quote I mentioned earlier comes from a poem, which I’ve probably not previously read in its entirety but which I have done this morning. It could so easily have been written in response to the situation in which we – in the developed world – now find ourselves.

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Jan Hobbs

7th July 2016

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