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Gumbusters demonstrates its prowess on Ellis Island's Statue of Liberty

* GumBusters-Ellis-Island.jpgOspreyDeepclean US distributor; Anthony Mule of GumBusters, New York, was recently invited to demonstrate his machines' prowess at the feet of one of the World's most iconic structures - the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, the US.

"We went through security, K9 bomb-sniffing dogs... the works," Anthony told us. "We transported our equipment - a GB1 and a ProVap Gum Cart - on a boat to Ellis Island to clean up and bust gum at the Statue of Liberty.

"What an exciting opportunity!!

"I have notified Fox 5 news and they are willing to do a story on us."

The GB1, the world's first battery powered gum removal machine, is designed and manufactured in the UK. It does not require cables or generators and the 10 litre pre-mixed chemical/water tank, which will last an entire shift, eliminates the need for messy consumables on site, for added safety. The GB1 busts through unsightly gum deposits in a matter of seconds and because it's a completely self-contained unit, it can be safely used during the day and in densely populated areas - such as around the hundreds of daily visitors to the Statue of Liberty - as required.

The GB1 will operate for an impressive six hours from one battery charge, which OspreyDeepclean believes is the only machine of its type to do so. It is virtually silent while in operation and a flashing beacon had to be fitted to alert people of its presence.

And the benefits don't stop there; the GB1 is very inexpensive to run at less than £2.50 per hour operating costs and it offers excellent build quality. It will work on a multitude of surfaces and as the operator is not restricted by a power supply, there are no restrictions as to where the GB1 will operate either.

The GB1 has been designed to be free from potential repetitive strain issues for the operator too. The large rubber wheels ensure the unit is easily transportable and the handle is lightweight and flexible having been ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury. The simple controls and straightforward instructions mean that, with minimal training, anyone can operate it.

Compact and transportable, the ProVac Gumcart only requires cold, clean tap water (super-heated to 180°C and delivered at 9.0 bar pressure) to produce a dry steam vapour which, when used with OspreyDeepclean's own specially developed gum detergent, instantly dissolves unsightly chewing gum on pavements, carpets and most other floor surfaces and walls. The Gumcart is capable of producing 115 litres of superheated steam per minute, making it the ideal tool for quick and easy gum removal.

T: 01242 513123
W: www.ospreydc.com

30th June 2016

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