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Well – it’s been quite a week, hasn’t it? This time last week, none of us could be sure about the outcome of the EU referendum and while the vote was split pretty much down the middle as the polls had predicted, no-one could have foreseen all the fallout & mud-slinging that’s followed. The four horses of the apocalypse haven’t galloped into town but with the battles still raging both amongst our leaders and their troops, and our social media contacts, one could perhaps be forgiven for thinking that they had!

I’ve a feeling that things aren’t going to calm down for a while yet, too.

The cleaning industry in the UK is wonderfully supported by a brilliant workforce very often made up almost entirely of one ethnic minority or another. It may be a Portuguese workforce, for example. When one employee leaves, the supervisor simply puts the word out amongst the local community and a replacement is found almost immediately. These groups work well together, socialise together and many are often part of the same, extended family. They ensure continuity and the smooth running of the contracts on which they’re employed.

It hadn’t occurred to me that many of these people are worried about their futures because of the way the vote went, but these fears have emerged on social media.

In looking for a picture today I came across a thoughtful post on Incentive FM’s website, which other contractors (if they haven’t done already) might like to take note of. It read:

“Dear Colleagues, Given the surprising result of last night’s referendum I just wanted to assure all of our staff from the UK, EU and wider world that the Incentive FM Group will continue to value all members of our team equally. You can be safe in the knowledge that we will work hard to ensure that good staff who have worked hard for us over many years will have a place in our business both now and in the future. Kind regards, Martin Reed, Incentive FM Group Managing Director.”

The British Cleaning Council has also issued a statement, which you can read below.

As I’ve said many times previously, I’m proud of our industry and the way we all work together, whichever part of the world we hail from and whatever part we play in keeping the world clean and hygienic.

Long may the cooperation and cameraderie continue!

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Jan Hobbs

30th June 2016

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