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Expert warns of harmful microbeads in oceans

* NC251.jpgGlobal water, energy and maintenance solutions provider, NCH Europe, has launched HDHC Natural, a heavy duty hand cleaner with a non-abrasive scrub formulated from olive stone instead of the harmful plastic microbeads that are contributing to the pollution of our oceans and damaging sealife.

HDHC Natural removes grass stains, oils, greases and industrial dirt, grime and inks in applications including automotive, food processing, construction, printing and paper mills, industrial plants and all commercial and business environments, via a natural scrub that replaces the need for synthetic plastic microbeads commonly found in hand cleaners, exfoliating face scrubs, toothpaste and other wash-off cosmetics.

It removes heavy soiling on hands without the use of solvents that can be harsh to skin.

The new hand cleaner also complies with all EU cosmetic regulations and is safe to use in all maintenance applications including industrial, commercial, business, public and private sector. The addition of aloe vera and a mild pleasant fragrance leaves hands feeling smooth, soft, and smelling fresh.

"There are around 250,000 tonnes of plastic in the oceans according to recent research," explains Bernard Daymon, president and CEO of NCH Europe. "Although most people are aware of the consequences of pollution on land, the harmful effects of plastic often go unnoticed in the depths of the world's oceans. The smallest microbeads bypass wastewater filtration systems and often find their way into the stomachs of fish, seabirds, and other marine life.

"We've stepped up to the plate with HDHC Natural, which uses olive stone instead of microbeads making it safer for the environment. We're committed to delivering a range of environmentally friendly hand cleaners for all applications.

"I'm also calling on all cosmetics manufacturers that continue to use microbeads to reassess their product ranges and consider safer alternatives."

The US Government has already banned the use of microbeads and last month the UK Environmental Audit Committee launched an inquiry into the environmental impact of micro plastics.

HDHC Natural joins NCH Europe's range of hand cleaners, which also includes Exaderm Plus, a protective skin cream and Duenna, a moisturising hand lotion.

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26th May 2016

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