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The Splash Screen, a new hygiene invention for cleaner and more sanitary public washrooms

* urinal-screen-graphic.jpgWorld Patent Marketing, is launching the Splash Screen, a hygiene invention designed to prevent back splash when using urinals.

"The portable toilet rental industry makes $1 billion annually," says Scott Cooper, CEO and creative director of World Patent Marketing. "By 2021, positive trends are expected to continue and portable toilet rental operators are anticipated to experience stable revenue growth."

Jerry Shapiro, director of manufacturing and World Patent Marketing inventions, adds: "It is natural for men to use urinal toilets, particularly in public bathrooms.

"The problem with this is that back splash can potentially soil the clothing of the urinal toilet user or cause accidental urinal spills all over the bathroom floor. The Splash Screen is a hygiene invention designed to prevent all that."

The Splash Screen is made to protect men from back splash while urinating in urinals. Made from quality and durable materials, this invention comprises a detachable covered top half, multiple slits located at the bottom half and multiple adhesive tabs which are detachable and are used to securely stick the urinal screen on various surfaces of the urinal. What sets this apart from other similar products is that it is made with chemical fluid repellents and comes in various scents. To use this invention, you simply peel off the back of the adhesive strip and stick the product to any desired surface.

"The common problem of urine backsplash is an issue that current solutions do not mitigate in men's public restrooms," says inventor George G. "The Splash Screen is a sensible solution to a common problem in the overlooked market of men's hygiene, that upholds consumer confidence by eliminating urine backsplash. Splash Screen exudes a high-level of commitment to quality public sanitation in a health conscious society."

Earl Brown, a supervisor for a cleaning company from Los Angeles, CA, has this to say about the Splash Screen: "Back splash caused by using urinal toilets can make a bathroom stink and eventually become riddled with bacteria. With the Urinal Screen, this is now prevented, and cleaning public bathrooms are a whole lot easier."

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19th May 2016

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