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M17 Battery-Powered Rider Sweeper-Scrubber: efficient and comfortable!

* Tenant-surprise.jpgWe were really impressed with this machine, which despite its huge size was really comfortable and offered great visibility. And although we weren't actually able to try it out properly, the company's Bill Ruhr told us that it delivers exceptional sweeping and scrubbing performance and that it's easy to operate and maintain - and also that it's "absolutely loaded with great features".

These include a cleverly-designed screen that the operator can see clearly in the low light during the day in a warehouse environment and the ability to instantaneously switch the controls between 28 different languages.

The M17 Battery Sweeper-Scrubber increases productivity with features designed to maximise efficiency and provide high-performance results. Special features offer the ability to:

- Capture large and small debris in a single pass with DFS (Dual Force Sweeping) technology.
- Clean up to three times longer with a single tank of water using Tennant's innovative ec-H2O technology which requires up to 70% less water.
- Maintain indoor air quality with exceptional two-stage dust control and fume-free battery operation.

The cab-forward design, steering-wheel-mounted controls and engineered sightlines improve operator visibility and the machine provides an easy operator and maintenance experience thanks to its intuitive controls and easy-to-identify yellow touch points. There is also full front operator foot and leg protection.

* Tenant-op-system.jpgThe M17 also reduces cleaning costs; its versatile cleaning performance and quality construction reduce cost of ownership while its excellent scrubbing, sweeping, water recovery and edge cleaning performance reduce the need for multiple machines. Further, the ec-H2O technology reduces costs associated with chemical purchases and reduces water use.

Extended cleaning time is provided by what is thought to be the largest available battery capacity in the machine's class.

Two-stage dust control featuring the ShakeMax filter shaker improves air quality by containing dust generated during the sweeping process; powered high dump of swept debris eliminates the need to manually handle debris when dumping, helping to lower labour costs;

Pro-Check pre-operation checklists featured on the optional Pro-Panel help ensure a good start on cleaning operation and 'Zone Settings' take the guesswork out of cleaning and help ensure consistent performance.

Intuitive controls and maintenance features help maximise uptime and ease of maintenance. A Touch-n-Go control module with 1-Step button allows easy access to all settings without removing hands from the steering wheel and QA Controls allow the supervisor to lock in machine settings, reducing operator errors which can produce poor results.

www.tennant.co.uk / www.tennantco.com

12th May 2016

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