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Oust ugly algae for good

* algae-on-war-graves.jpgAlgae on wooden decks... on terraces and pavements... slippery, ugly and damaging. And if aesthetics are at stake - as they are on monuments, tombstones, facades, etc., the cost of algae removal can be substantial - not just in hours, but also in material damage.

Over the coming weeks, many cleaning companies will go out on site and temporarily remove the green tarnish... knowing that the algae will return in a couple of months.

Back to square one. The Scandinavian solution? Impregnate surfaces with natural waxes - thus preventing the adhesion of unwanted green algae and moss and protecting the surface against harsh outdoor circumstances such as rain, snow or pollution.

Based on this old Scandinavian tradition, HorsemenCare has developed a product range which is proven, ecological and simple.

Especially in Finland, natural wax is a traditional approach for protecting wooden decks and mineral surfaces against contamination by algae whilst also nurturing the surface. HorsemenCare has taken this approach and developed three products which have proven to be very effective in Belgium and The Netherlands, during long-term tests.

The first product is Deckcare, which is focused on decks made of tropical wood, such as Bankirai, Ipe, and composite woods. The second product is developed for concrete, hence its name: Concrete protect. The third product, Stone Protect, is suitable for natural stone surfaces, like rendered brick and marble.

All three products are colourless, water-based impregnating waxes, used in impregnation and protection. Made from natural raw materials, they protectsthe original aesthetics of the surface and ensure that it retains its original colour.

One of the eye-catching reference sites is in Belgium, on the military cemetery of Champion, (pictured, courtesy of www.be14-18.be) where all the gravestones are protected by Stone Protect.

In Ireland, the famous Arbour Hill monument is also treated by Stone Protect. The products have also been tested by the independent lab of the BBRI (WTCB/CSTC) is a private research institute founded in 1960, based in Brussels. The BBRI has reported an excellent performance of HorsemenCare.

HorsemenCare products are produced in Belgium by Avalo BVBA. There are distributors in Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland and the Czech-Republic.

T: 00 353 (87) 259 6565
E: [email protected]
W: www.horsemencare.com

21st April 2016

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