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Intelligent call-to-action capability launched at Smart IoT London targets FM companies

* spursite.jpgContinuumBridge, a provider of enterprise IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, has launched Spur, an intelligent call-to-action device and service aimed at service providers in the facilities management, retail, leisure and hospitality industries. It provides an intelligent, easy-to-use means for service users to initiate a request or report an issue and provides the user with an immediate acknowledgement.

The physical part of Spur is a call button that integrates a display whose message indicates to the user what they are able to request/report and then provides instant visual feedback confirming the outcome.

For example, if installed by a coffee machine the display could say, "Push here if this machine requires more coffee" and then after pressing the button the display could change to say, "More coffee for this machine has been requested". Similar scenarios can be applied in other situations, e.g. reporting that a printer or photocopier is out of toner, or that a toilet needs cleaning. Multiple call options are possible by cycling the Spur e-ink display, for example, requesting waiter service or asking for the bill in a restaurant - and perhaps subsequently rating the customer experience.

"During Spur's development we worked closely with our customers and are confident that it meets genuine needs," reports Peter Claydon, CEO of ContinuumBridge. "The capability that lies behind the button provides numerous benefits for both the service provider and end-user/customer - we're really excited about Spur."

Automating the service process with Spur provides clear cost-savings as it allows staff to focus on responding to the end-user and avoids time spent checking for issues. Another benefit is that simpler performance monitoring helps the provider know it is fulfilling its service level agreement with the client company while also meeting the expectations of end-users. The latter may also be important in meeting legislative or standards-driven requirements for quantifying customer satisfaction.

Finally, a key benefit of Spur is enabling data-driven decision-making; for example, the ability to adjust routine maintenance schedules to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and call-outs.

The technology behind Spur enables a 'fit and forget' call button that is battery powered, with a life of up to five years, and ensures long-range operation with good building penetration by using a radio at 868MHz. A gateway bridge, which only requires a power outlet, provides connectivity between the wireless buttons and a server using a cellular modem.

Service providers access the server through a fully programmable but easy to use web portal that is designed to help them solve problems. It provides comprehensive reporting that is available through the web site or via email, SMS or data-sharing with a third party database. The whole Spur solution is safeguarded with state-of-the-art, end-to-end security.

Spur is undergoing trials now in the UK and volume production will commence in mid-2016.


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14th April 2016

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