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Holchem addresses spread of Summer illnesses with summer spill kit

* summer-spill-kit.jpgHolchem has launched an Industrial Spill Kit. Aimed at businesses where hygiene standards are of the utmost importance, the kit is designed to clean up the effects of illnesses such as Norovirus and contain them to restrict the spread in the workplace.

Whether it's generated from a member of the workforce or a customer, any illness within the food industry has to be addressed and dealt with straight away. The kit will deactivate and destroy any viruses from bodily fluids that the site has been exposed to and should work hand in hand with the best practice protocols put in place to deal with such situations.

The kit contains:

- A Fluid Absorber, which is an emergency clean-up powder with deodorizer, designed to clean up bodily fluids and everyday spillages
- Chlorine Release Tablets, which can be made into a working solution for cleaning and disinfecting the spillage area
- Odour Absorber, which removes any odours created by the spillage

Designed for all areas of the food industry, the kit will ensure that in the event of a spillage, there is minimum disruption to the business so that production and service can continue as quickly as possible. The quality of the products included with the kits ensures that valuable time spent on deodourising, cleaning and disinfecting the area is kept to a minimum and work can continue as normal.

"Recent statistics from the Health Protection Laboratory* show that there are typically over 700 reported cases of Norovirus in the traditional Summer season of June, July and August," says Sarah West, technical services manager from Holchem. "It is imperative that businesses, where hygiene levels have to be of the highest standard, ensure they have the correct products and procedures in place to deal with any viruses that are spread as a result of the site being exposed to bodily fluids through illnesses.

"Any illness that produces bodily fluids can be very disruptive to a business and can result in a loss of income if not dealt with in the correct way with the most efficient of products. The Summer Spill Kit is designed to help manage the process and ensure that the affected area is back up and running as normal as quickly as possible.

"It's also important to ensure that staff adhere to the highest levels of hygiene at all times, and that the correct procedures are in place to make sure this happens."

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10th March 2016

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