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Before and after tests prove benefits of aqueous ozone cleaning system

* nanobubblegraphic.jpgRecently released ATP test results (a process of rapidly measuring actively growing microorganisms through detection of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP) using an aqueous ozone cleaning system to clean five different surfaces, show the powerful effectiveness of this cleaning technology.

The tests were conducted using aqueous ozone cleaning machines manufactured by CleanCore Technology.

Matt Montag, national director of sales for CleanCore, says that these particular surfaces were selected because they are often considered disease transmission points.

Scientists, he says, have known about the cleaning and sanitizing benefits of aqueous ozone for more than a century.

"It has long been considered a very efficient 'broad spectrum' antimicrobial cleaning agent...used to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other pathogens," he notes. "However, what is 'news' [about this technology] is that these systems are now more cost-effective and easier to use, making them a new and effective cleaning arsenal for the professional cleaning industry."

The five surfaces tested were:

* A toilet seat
* An over-the-bed tray, such as those found in a hospital setting
* A door handle
* A computer keyboard
* A wheelchair handle

The tests revealed the following:

* Toilet Seat, before cleaning using aqueous ozone had an ATP rating of 1,645; after cleaning: 1

* Over-the-bed tray, before 50; after: 0

* Door handle, before 212; after: 2

* Computer keyboard, before 40; after: 3

* Wheelchair handle, before 39; after: 0

"When ATP is present on a surface it does not mean specifically that harmful pathogens are present," continues Matt. "It just means that they may be present and should be removed to protect human health.

"These ATP tests seem to validate recent studies conducted by the University of Nebraska. Those studies found a statistically significant decrease in E.coli and Listeri, - both forms of bacteria that can negatively impact health, after an area was cleaned using a CleanCore aqueous ozone cleaning system.

"What all these tests indicate is that the professional cleaning industry now has new ways to keep surfaces clean and people healthy, which is the ultimate goal of professional cleaning."

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10th March 2016

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