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I’ve never been one for ‘celebrity culture’ and find the whole thing rather shallow. I have to admit to taking some interest in this year’s Oscars though, simply because I heard mention of the goodie bags that some nominees will be lucky enough to take home from the event.

Toilet tissue ‘worth’ $400 dollars and a reusable drinking water bottle that’s of similar size and shape to a netbook, so it slots neatly inside the owner’s handback or briefcase; one that’s ridiculous & the other worth exploring…

How on earth can toilet tissue – however wonderful it may be, carry such a high price tag and get away with it? There are starving people in the world. How can one warrant spending that much on toilet tissue & still sleep at night?

* A5-drinks-bottle.jpgReusable drinks bottles caused arguments at home for years. I’ve been trying to save the planet for longer than I can remember and never could bring myself to buy plastic drinks bottles for my daughters’ lunchboxes each day. Just imagine the space 14 years’ worth of two plastic bottles a day, five days a week would have taken up in landfill? I collected a set of two of each of the appropriate bottles to fill with apple or orange or blackcurrant juice and although my girls grumbled, none of their friends realised, so it was OK. As well as helping save the environment, it saved me a small fortune, refilling them each day – and I’m pleased to say that my girls are now following suit.

The reusable bottles being given to Oscar nominees are rather more upmarket than the ones I’m talking about and the fact that they come in two sizes, A5 and A6, like the paper they replicate in shape, to slide into a bag between netbook and other paraphernalia, makes them even more handy.

Their designers are hoping to help change today's throw-away society. “To break people's habits around single-use bottles we had to offer something truly convenient, beautiful and sustainable in design,” they said. They feel that the influence celebrity culture has on the rest of us, might just make them catch on, much like fake tan, hair extensions, cosmetic surgery and carrying dogs around in handbags did.

I do hope they’re right…

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Jan Hobbs

18th February 2016

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