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Cleaners have a lot to put up with, don’t they, what with poor pay, lack of recognition, a disrespectful public, unsocial hours, aches caused by repetitive actions & the knowledge that their hard work is going to be wrecked within a few hours and they’ll have to do it all again tomorrow… But it’s even worse for some…

Poor Juana Raymundo, 36, was going about her work at Ooltewah Middle School in Tennessee one evening, when two police officers mistook her for a burglar and tasered her.

It gets worse… Juana has been charged with evading arrest…

According to the Times Free Press, the police report says the officers entered the school after noticing that an exterior door was open. Inspecting the school with their guns drawn, they spotted cleaning supplies in the hallway before encountering an empty-handed Juana who appeared “nervous and somewhat reserved.”

Juana, who works for a cleaning contractor, has difficulties understanding both English and Spanish.

The officers state that they didn’t point their weapons at Juana as they attempted to question her in English and rudimentary Spanish, saying she kept repeating “no” while backing away, before turning a corner and running away despite being shouted at in Spanish to stay put. They chased her through the cafeteria, down some stairs, out of the building and into the car park where she was warned that unless she stopped, she’d be tasered.

One then tasered her and she fell to the ground. Medics were called and Juana was subsequently charged with evading arrest. She has since been released on $750 bail and is expected back in court on 2nd March.

Unless there’s more to this story than has been reported, this woman has surely gone through enough already. I can’t imagine that she will have felt super secure prior to this, being on her own in a building late into the evening - and to be confronted by two men brandishing guns must have been frightening! I’m wondering whether she was immediately aware that they were police officers or whether she thought that they were intruders about to attack.

Whatever the outcome of her court appearance though, I doubt that she’ll be returning to her job anytime soon – and I can’t say I blame her, can you?

Disgraced or ‘past it’ police officers are often threatened with a ‘desk job’. I think Juana now deserves one!

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Jan Hobbs

4th February 2016

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