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Vectair Systems' V-Air Solid air freshener wins 4th international award in 12 months

* V-AIR-SOLID-MVP.jpgV-Air Solid, an environmentally-friendly, non-aerosol air freshener from Vectair Systems, has won the 'Best Innovation Award' in the Washroom Hygiene category in the 2016 Clean India Awards - its fourth award since its launch a year ago.

A panel of eight judges, including purchasing director of Reliance Industries & executive housekeeper of the Intercontinental Hotels Group, chose V-Air Solid as the most innovative product for its simplicity, use of new technology and its strong environmental credentials, amongst other factors.

The award entry consisted of a written entry and then a presentation to four of the judges at the Clean India Exhibition in Mumbai.

This award follows hot on the heels of the International Green Apple Environment Award, the Cleaning Show Innovation Award in the Washroom Hygiene category (UK), and a Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Choice Award (USA) - all in the 12 months since the product's launch.

The Clean India Awards prides itself on being the most prestigious awards for the Indian Cleaning Industry. It accolades companies and innovators for their trend-setting products or solutions which can make a difference to the evolving Indian Cleaning Industry, where the changing cleaning demands call for new technology, adaptability to local conditions, cost-effectiveness, environment friendliness, easy usability, optimum productivity and versatility.

V-Air Solid is a non-aerosol air freshener incorporating multi-phasing, sub-micron fragrance technology. It is VOC exempt and 100% organic and biodegradable. The complete system does not contain batteries in either the refill or the dispenser, which means that the dispenser is fully recyclable. V-Air Solid is designed so that it does not need any external power source, and it doesn't rely on gravity - all it needs to work is natural airflow. It doesn't contain liquids so won't spill or leak in transport, and it is unaffected by climatic conditions which is a common cause of passive cartridges failing.

All of this means that V-Air Solid is not hazardous for transport and unlike aerosols or hazardous items, has no disposal issues after use - it can be placed in normal waste receptacles.

* Vectair-award.jpgThe V-Air Solid cartridge is made up of a ceramic capsule and a fragrance core. These combine and diffuse powerful key fragrance notes that are subtly different, resulting in a multi-phasing fragrance effect lasting up to 60 days, combatting fragrance fatigue.

V-Air Solid utilises pioneering sub-micron technology - meaning fragrance particles are much smaller and lighter than other fragrance systems (less than one micron), remaining airborne for many hours. This makes V-Air Solid highly effective whilst being safe for public areas (like lifts and corridors) and continuous exposure.

"We are absolutely thrilled with the excitement that V-Air Solid has brought to the cleaning industry, but we can't say that we didn't expect it!" enthuses Paul Wonnacott, managing director and president, Vectair Systems.

"What makes it so unique is that it is so simple, yet so effective. Its green credentials - the fact it has no batteries and is powered solely by the air around us - means it is unlike other systems on the market, and aligns itself to corporate responsibility programmes.

"It doesn't contain any liquids, which eliminates the chance of leaks. It can be placed in any location and is totally safe.

"We pride ourselves on customer feedback and are delighted that the judges recognise just how innovative this product is."

Vectair Systems supplies hygiene products in over 120 countries worldwide.

T: 01256 319 500
W: www.vectairsystems.com

28th January 2016

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