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This will be our last issue of Cleanzine prior to our Christmas break as we're about to enter our season of excess...

Sorry if I sound jaded but I know I'm not the only one to be frustrated at how early what is supposed to be the season of goodwill is foisted upon us, with some stores playing Christmas music from late October and the shelves stocked with festive goodies and advertising geared towards making us spend more than we can afford on things our loved ones don't need and probably won't appreciate!

Facebook is adorned with images of Christmas trees almost hidden by far too many presents for the recipients to get the most out of, posted in some cases by families that I know ought to be spending the money elsewhere (or working fewer hours so they can at least see their children grow up). The excess is becoming frightening and I'm glad I'm no longer involved, since for at least 20 years now our family has been exchanging token presents and home-made gifts in an attempt to get back to the real spirit of Christmas. Our bank accounts - and stress levels - are far better for it.

With so many UK families now having to use food banks and ever greater numbers of homeless people crammed into hostels and bed & breakfast accommodation - and of course the millions of homeless and displaced people worldwide, the idea of over indulgence at Christmas now feels obscene.

As you may well imagine, I was delighted to learn that teams from Julius Rutherfoord will be providing free cleaning and other services to the 'Crisis at Christmas' centres around the country. These centres will be helping some 4,000 people - sadly just a small percentage of Britain's homeless - have a better Christmas than they might otherwise have done and I congratulate those involved for remembering the true spirit of Christmas.

Our next issue will be broadcast on 7th January. If you have news you'd like to share with the rest of Cleanzine's readers, please do send it in - when it comes to press releases I'm happy to be indulged! And whether you're taking a break too over the next couple of weeks or are continuing to work, I hope you can stay safe, be happy and share peace and goodwill with those around you.

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Jan Hobbs

17th December 2015

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