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New waterless urinals can save washrooms 87,000 litres of water per unit a year

* Waterless-urinals.jpgArmitage Shanks has launched a new range of energy- and cost-efficient waterless urinals, which are easy to install and maintain.

This line of urinals is accompanied by a new collection of circular stainless steel water troughs, ideal for busy washrooms where there is a need to increase throughput.

The new waterless urinal range, Aquanil, is an entirely new cartridge system that can be used on conventional open rim urinals without the need for water; a revolutionary feature when the average urinal water consumption of 87,000 litres of water is taken into account.

Aquanil does not use a liquid to provide a seal; instead it uses a non-return rubber valve that allows liquids to pass through and then automatically reseals itself. The system's cartridges last for approximately 7,000 uses before having to be replaced, reducing the amount of maintenance activity required.

Installation is also made simple via the new system, which can be retrofitted to most urinals. Aquanil works because it is situated within a special adaptor, fitted within the urinal, which replaces the standard waste. A conventional trap is instead replaced with a cartridge containing a rubber valve for urine to pass through.

This rubber valve, which automatically reseals itself, needs to be replaced after around 7,000 uses to ensure optimum performance. The distinctive green fragrance block that becomes paler during its life, acts as a visual reminder to operators that the cartridge may need replacing, although this is only an indicator.

It is possible to install Aquanil alongside a traditional tank fed system, should operators wish for the urinal to have some water cleaning.

The new range of circular stainless steel wash troughs has been launched alongside the Aquanil urinals. These troughs are perfect for busy washrooms where operators need to increase throughputs and are available in four, six and eight person options. Each trough can be purchased featuring non-concussive or electronic tap options and is available with or without soap dispensers.

The new line of troughs has been designed to increase space optimisation and to provide a complete integral washing solution. The designs include one wal- mounted trough and two circular - each made out of stainless steel to guarantee that it is ultra-durable.

Tony Rheinberg, head of commercial marketing at the company, says: "Armitage Shanks' new range of waterless urinals and wash troughs has been launched with ease of operator installation and maintenance in mind. This is especially true of Aquanil, thanks to its easy-to-retrofit design and use of distinctive colour changing fragrance blocks, which makes monitoring for maintenance needs super simple.

"What's more, the durability of both items - and the cost and energy saving potential of Aquanil's waterless system - mean that those making purchasing decisions have peace of mind that they have made a sensible investment when upgrading their facilities."


26th November 2015

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